May 23, 2024

Elevating Every Customer Touchpoint at Setsail Marketing

Elevating Every Customer Touchpoint at Setsail Marketing

Every single customer touchpoint is a chance for us to showcase our dedication to amazing brand experiences. From the first website visit to the final invoice, we’ve crafted each interaction to be seamless and delightful. Here’s the approach our team:

1. Discovery: Website

Usually, after introductions or referrals our website is the first impression, and we’ve made it user-friendly, visually appealing, and information-packed. Intuitive navigation and compelling content ensure visitors quickly find what they need.

2. Appointment Booking

We’ve streamlined appointment scheduling. Clients can easily book consultations via our website, with automated confirmations to ensure they never miss an appointment. It looks & feels like a Calendly (it's not!), but its full of our tracking codes so we can check what steps are having any drop offs in engagement

3. Discovery Session

Our discovery sessions are designed to understand client needs and goals. We always come prepared, but the call is highly unique to the client's needs. We gather detailed information, provide insights, and set the stage for a strong client relationship and successful project outcomes. We do prefer these in person, as it's easy to tell if we're the right fit for each other this way. Alternatively, our Google Meets calls are recorded, transcribed, and communicated clearly to all.

4. Reminders

We love automations that make us better! Automated reminders keep projects on track. We send timely reminders for meetings, deadlines, and milestones, ensuring everyone stays informed and prepared. They are created with the logic: If this ___, then ___ happens. If showing up is half the battle, then you're winning every time with automations! I sincerely hope you implement this.

5. Proposals

We create detailed, professional proposals outlining project requirements, business processes, show how our services solve the problems, put together timelines, and costs. Each proposal is customized to the client’s needs, providing a clear project roadmap. These are awesome documents for our clients.

6. Invoices

Our invoicing process is transparent and straightforward, with easy-to-read formats and multiple payment options, making it simple for clients to settle their accounts. All invoices also have timesheets attached, so there's clear value behind each invoice.

7. Meetings

Whether in-person or virtual, our meetings are productive and organized. We use collaborative tools to share agendas, documents, and follow-up tasks, ensuring every meeting advances the project.

8. Deliverables

When we deliver work, it's inside a project, with clear tasks, and with supporting documentation. It's often overkill, but I love seeing reactors from clients when they see our work. It's half the fun. From design files to final reports, every deliverable meets our stringent standards and aims to exceed expectations.

9. Tools and Technologies

We optimize ourselves with tech to crazy extents, leveraging powerful (and expensive!) tools to enhance every touchpoint:


HighLevel manages client relationships, automates workflows, and streamlines communications, ensuring no lead or task falls through the cracks.


PandaDoc creates, sends, and tracks proposals and contracts. Its templates save us time and ensure consistency, while e-signature functionality speeds up approvals.


Zapier integrates all our tools, automating workflows and transferring data seamlessly, reducing manual work and keeping systems in sync.

Stripe + QBO

Stripe handles payment processing, providing a secure and efficient way for clients to pay invoices online, ensuring smooth financial transactions.

Google Workspace

Google Workspace is our collaboration hub. Tools like Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Calendar keep us connected and organized.


Figma allows real-time collaboration on design projects, making it easy to share progress and get client feedback instantly.

And sooooo many more.

Streamlined and Branded Processes

After eight years of fine-tuning, we’ve perfected tool integration to create a seamless experience. When a lead becomes a client, HighLevel triggers a contract in PandaDoc using our templates. Customizations and adjustments are made, and the contract is ready to be sent, saving time and ensuring consistency.

Helping You Streamline Your Business

We can help streamline your business processes too, providing a branded and cohesive feel across all touchpoints. By integrating these tools and customizing them to your needs, we ensure your clients have a seamless and delightful experience.

This setup makes me proud to talk about Setsail and show it off as living proof of our dedication to amazing brand experience. It’s also constantly getting updated as we learn more and better tools become available.

Are you trying to deliver the best experience for your clients? This is our work. Let us help you elevate your customer interactions to the next level.

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