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No Fear Counselling boasts a large team of more than 100 highly skilled clinicians who provide their services both in-person throughout the lower mainland and via online platforms. Their services are designed to address a broad range of concerns, including general issues, family and couple concerns, and children's concerns.


No Fear Counselling is a valuable resource that offers its clients and leads an extensive wealth of information. However, their previous website was plagued by information overload, making it difficult for users to access the specific information they needed. Users were often required to navigate through an excessive number of tabs and menus or sift through lengthy pages to find the desired content. To address this issue, Setsail faced the challenge of not only modernizing the brand but also entirely rethinking the presentation of information on the website, with the goal of streamlining the process of accessing the necessary information without causing undue frustration.

Revitalizing the Brand

Setsail’s rebranding efforts have created a more inviting and accessible experience for No Fear Counselling's potential and existing clients. Incorporating lighthearted graphic elements such as emojis into the design creates a sense of familiarity, as if you were messaging a friend rather than visiting a clinical website. The use of a green color palette helps to establish a connection to the health sector, while warmer tones are employed to avoid the clinical and sterile appearance that can be off-putting to some visitors.

A better site architecture

Helping users get the information they need quickly

To streamline the sitemap and reduce the number of pages on the website, Setsail had to ensure that each page contained a wealth of information without overwhelming the user. Notably, we implemented a single page for sorting and filtering through all therapy locations, as well as a dedicated page with similar filtration options for selecting your therapist. Additionally, bringing together all of No Fear Counselling's services onto a centralized page, organized in a logical manner, proved to be a significant enhancement to the overall user experience.

Keeping the CTA at the centre of the experience

Knowing No Fear Counselling’s business goal

The primary objective of No Fear Counselling is to increase the number of appointment bookings. In order to achieve this goal, the website was strategically designed to feature a prominent call-to-action for booking an appointment on virtually every page. As a result, the process of booking an appointment is always easily accessible and hassle-free, ensuring that users never have to search far to schedule a session.

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