How can REALTORs® provide more value for their clients?

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Ad Creation
Design System
Graphic Design
Marketing Automation
Video Production
Systems Integration


Leagent is a real estate platform designed for REALTORS®. It provides a central toolkit that allows them to create drag-and-drop websites with a smart IDX, automate tasks such as one-click listing brochures and new listing alerts for their buyers, and manage their clients through a CRM. Leagent was seeking a technology partner to build their app and REALTOR® dashboard, as well as a marketing agency to create and promote the Leagent brand to the right audience, and they were able to do it all with Setsail.


The sheer magnitude of this endeavour posed a daunting yet thrilling challenge for Setsail. With Setsail's comprehensive involvement across all aspects of Leagent's business, effective communication and proficient project management were crucial for success. In order to achieve the desired outcome, Setsail had to delve into every intricate detail that constitutes Leagent. This led to a closely-knit connection between our teams, which proved to be invaluable in comprehending the product and immersing ourselves in the world of Leagent, thereby fulfilling the founder's vision with precision.

The entire system - engineered by Setsail

Building a system that was properly set up and optimized for scale was crucial. Each and every REALTOR® has their own website, on or off-market listings, smart NFC business card, database of clients, automated emails, and so much more.

Brand Identity

Zillow and Realtor.ca are household names for home research. It’s time their technology was available to REALTORS® to make tailored real estate experiences for clients. Let’s keep you at the centre of the home shopping experience.

You get a website, and you get a website, and...

Designing and building REALTOR® website templates

Setsail designed various templates for REALTORS® to choose from when signing up for Leagent. Every site is built with high-quality images, easy-to-use navigation, a mobile-friendly design, a property search feature, testimonials and reviews, a blog, and clear contact information. They’re all visually appealing, provide valuable information, and help build trust with potential clients. In just a few minutes, REALTORS® can create a website that stands out and attracts more clients.

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