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More investors are shifting to alternative to boost returns, generate income, lower volatility and to diversify from traditional investments.


Offering life insurance online in Canada can present several challenges, including regulatory compliance, privacy and security concerns, lack of personal interaction, difficulty assessing risk, limited product selection, and technical issues. Insurers must comply with strict regulations and ensure their online platforms are secure. Personal interaction may be limited, potentially leading to misunderstandings, and assessing risk can be more challenging online. Technical issues can impact the overall customer experience. Despite these challenges, online life insurance offers convenience and accessibility for customers.

Complex UX Process that abides by strict compliance requirements

The UX process for creating such a dashboard involves conducting user research, creating user personas, mapping out user flows, creating wireframes, developing interactive prototypes, conducting user testing, iterating on the design based on feedback, creating a UI design, developing the dashboard, and testing and deploying it to the production environment.

Branding Concept

In our work for Insursimple, we employed a deliberate approach to brand conceptualization to create a platform that evokes feelings of safety and comfort for users. The brand we created incorporates a range of illustrations depicting various stages of individuals' lives, with the goal of simplifying complex insurance-related processes by visually portraying relatable experiences. By providing users with an accessible and intuitive platform, we aimed to cultivate a sense of trust and confidence in our product. Ultimately, our strategy of using friendly illustrations and relatable life stages proved effective in creating an inviting and user-friendly platform.

The InsurSimple Platform - a one stop shop to browse and purchase life insurance in Canada

By bringing together a wide range of insurance options and providing users with easy-to-understand information, we aim to simplify the insurance buying process and help users make informed decisions. Our platform is designed to be user-friendly and accessible, allowing users to easily navigate through various policy options and compare pricing and coverage levels. By offering a centralized, one-stop-shop for insurance purchasing, we hope to provide users with greater convenience and peace of mind, knowing they have access to the best possible coverage options.

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