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Healthcare professionals have a responsibility to provide evidence-based treatments and therapies that prioritize patient well-being and safety. Any healthcare products or services related to sexual health should be provided with the utmost sensitivity, respect, and adherence to ethical and legal standards.


Providing a subscription service for sexual health medication to veterans and communities at risk online can be challenging due to several factors. One major challenge is ensuring the authenticity and quality of the medication being provided. Online marketplaces for medication can be filled with counterfeit products, and patients may not always be aware of what they are buying. Additionally, privacy concerns and stigma around sexual health issues may make some individuals hesitant to seek out and utilize such services.

Talking professionally while depicting explicit images of fruits.

Creating a brand that depicts fruits in a sexual way could be a fun and creative way to reduce the stigma around sexual health products. By using playful imagery, the brand could help to make people feel more comfortable about seeking out sexual health products or information. It could also help to normalize the use of such products by tapping into the idea of natural and healthy choices. Of course, any such brand would need to be respectful and considerate of different communities and their needs. But ultimately, the goal would be to prioritize patient well-being and accessibility. What do you think?

Product Design

Discreet and apothecary-style labels

Our product design features discreet and apothecary-style labels that could make our sexual health products look more upscale and sophisticated. This could help reduce the stigma associated with using these types of products and make them more appealing to a wider range of consumers. The discreet labels could also provide privacy for those who may need to purchase the products in public. By prioritizing aesthetics and discretion, we hope to make sexual health products feel more like a natural part of self-care and wellness, rather than something to be embarrassed about.

Corporate site

Separate site for capital raising

We created a separate corporate site to support our clients' capital raising efforts for MedClub. This site is designed to provide information about the company, its mission and values, and its products and services. It also highlights the potential market for sexual health products, and the company's innovative approach to product design and marketing. We believe that by investing in sexual health products, we can help improve the health and well-being of people around the world, and we are excited to support our clients in this important mission.

Corporate Website for Investment information

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