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Electric mobility is tainted with range anxiety. What if there was an ebike that went farther than some cars?

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Web Design
Marketing Automation
Design System
Graphic Design
Ad Creation
Video Production
Systems Integration


DŌST is a high-end electric bike company with a sustainability focus. They believe riding bikes is probably the most fun thing we can do to ensure a healthy and sustainable future: biking is good for people, our communities and the planet. DŌST manufactures purpose-built, quality bikes and needs a brand that reflects the same values.


To achieve success in D2C eCommerce sales, a business must be agile and constantly iterate its digital marketing efforts through rapid testing. This task carries significant weight, as every new campaign demands a blend of strategy, compelling copywriting, personalized imagery or video, landing page design, and development. Thus, it was imperative to establish a streamlined and efficient pipeline that could not only deliver fast results but also ensure unwavering quality on a consistent basis.

A custom eCommerce website

Setsail collaborated with DŌST Bikes to develop a custom eCommerce website optimized for conversions. The planning and strategy phase involved analyzing the target audience, competitors, and overall goals of the website. Setsail then created a visually stunning and user-friendly design, optimized for both desktop and mobile devices. The website featured a seamless checkout process, product pages, and eCommerce functionality, including upsells and cross-sells. Optimization was a key focus throughout the development process, ensuring the website was fast, reliable, and SEO-friendly. The end result was a beautiful website that not only looked great but also helped to drive sales and revenue for DŌST Bikes.

Lights, camera, action.

An arsenal of content created for DŌST Bikes

DŌST, an eCommerce D2C business, faced the challenge of gaining the trust of its customers solely through online presence. In order to achieve this, they needed a steady stream of content across various media channels to instill confidence in potential buyers. Setsail stepped in and produced a wide range of content tailored to every stage of the sales process. From stunning visuals showcasing the beauty of the bikes, to captivating short videos, informative documentaries, and comprehensive unboxing tutorials, DŌST truly has a media powerhouse working along side them.

3, 2, 1 – And we have liftoff!

What goes into a successful eBike launch

Launching and effectively marketing a new product involves several crucial steps. Setsail played a vital role in this process by creating visually appealing content featuring the new eBike, producing a compelling launch video that told a captivating story, generating buzz with a digital marketing campaign that captured email leads and encouraged live participation, communicating the launch to the press and arranging community reviews, implementing email and SMS campaigns, and updating the website to showcase the new eBike. All of these efforts combined to ensure a successful launch and increased visibility for the new eBike.

Bike Launch Video

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