Ever wondered how successful brands make it look so easy?
The secret is us. Our expert team turns your business into a series of engaging photo & video stories, and designed sales emails
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DIY efforts are not enough.

Are you still juggling all the tasks yourself or spending valuable time managing freelancers? It's no longer a feasible or efficient solution.

Overseeing various phases - planning, shooting, editing, learning, publishing, and iterating, does it yield the results you're after?

Enhance your company's credibility and market presence with consistent monthly deliverables such as Video, Photo, and Emails.

Stop talking to multiple freelancers

Avoid the micromanagement nightmare and focus on what matters most - growing your business. Partner with Setsail, where we streamline and professionalize the process for you.


One Agency to
Create & Publish Content

All team members under 1 roof
Say goodbye to stress. We create, we strategize, we deliver. And you? You watch your brand flourish with content that resonates, saves time, and consistently hits the bull's eye.
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What happens when you sign up with Setsail

We keep it simple and effective. We use the best equipment and efficient process to maintain a smooth operation. 🎵

Step 1

Understand your business

We’ll gather information from you and your team to match what your customers would want to see

Define your unique value

We’ll put together a creative direction for your content, and plan the shoot. This way you’ll know what to expect from our team.

Step 2

Photos and Videos

Time for Production! We’ll come by to capture engaging content for your products, services, and more.


We’ll edit the footage and photos into an engaging, fun content that connects with your clients

Step 3

Design & Cut

Using the content we made - we’ll now design the posts, stories, emails, blogs, and more


It’s go time! Time to distribute the content across social channels, publish the blogs, and send out email campaigns.

Transparent & reliable

Pricing & Packages

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We elevate your brand with the best team

Our approach? We simplify your story, highlight your unique value, and connect your organization to its story. It’s not rocket science, you already know your business, we just make it easy for people to understand it.

The result? Legitimate, trustworthy presence of your brand. Next time clients are checking you out, you will stand out and become more likely to engage in business with.

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